The Apple Event in 2 Minutes

The 2020 Apple event for September as fast as possible.

apple event


Watch Series 6


First up is the Apple Watch Series 6, which comes with the usual efficiency and performance bumps, new color frames and bands, a blood oxygen sensor, altimeter, and a slightly brighter display. The new bands will no longer have clasps, and be sized so you can slide them on and off your wrist.

Apple Watch SE

apple watch se

The Apple Watch SE is packing the last generation S5 chip, but brings the potential price point down to $279.

Family Setup

The watches now feature a “watch only” setup. Meaning you no longer need an iPhone to use along with your watch. Apple is using this to target parents buying these devices for there kids, adding all kinds of parental controls and tracking. Note this will require the watches to have a cellular plan.

iPad A12 Chip


Nothing too exciting here for the standard iPad. Simply a spec bump to keep you engaged.

iPad Air Redesigned

ipad air

This was one of the more surprising announcements. They redesigned the iPad air to look ALOT like the iPad Pro. The only distinguishing features for the iPad Pro are the cameras (which who cares it’s a tablet), and the high refresh screen ( which is still totally worth it).

Apple Fitness Service

apple fitness

No surprises here with an Apple fitness service. Apple has been pushing more and more to become a service company rather than a devices company, which I think is a very smart pivot on their part.

Apple One Service

apple one service

An all in one Apple service. If you are in the ecosystem that deep, then this could be a pretty good deal for the family.

OS 14 Updates

iOS 14

Finally making the app drawer move. Android users transitioning have been complaining about this for years, and now Apple finally lets you remove your apps from the home screens to hide them away. I have been using both iOS 14 Beta, and iPad OS 14 Beta for a few weeks now and both are very nice (although a bit buggy, but hey it is a beta).

iOS 14

Along with the iOS/iPadOS updates we see more additions to the Apple pencil’s utility.


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