Could Transpilers Help Retain Talent?

Microsoft got something right…

Typescript is a strong typed superset of Javascript, that provides a little bit of structure to the extremely flexible world of Javascript. Typescript provides one key feature that I wish we could bring to Java (and other server-side languages) and that is the ability pick a target version. This allows developers to use new ES6 features and still have compatibility with old browsers.


Why do we care

With many languages and frameworks moving towards shorter and shorter release cycles corporations cannot afford to upgrade to the latest and greatest every time a new version comes out. This becomes a problem when most developers like to use the newest stuff. Aside from a few dinosaurs still in the game, many developers enjoy their career path because they get to learn continuously, and discover new and innovative solutions.

The Solution

If compiled languages like Java would provide a way to transpile from one version to another it would allow the “young guns” to use the latest and greatest tools, libraries, etc. but still be compatible with legacy environments! Yes there are a million reason why talent may leave a company, but having to learn tool, language, or framework from 5–10 years ago just because your employer has a long history and cannot upgrade the environment on a whim is a bad feeling.

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