Setup Google Domains & Github Pages

Google Domains paired with github pages is a very inexpensive way to build a website. I have been looking for a GoDaddy alternative for some time (they constantly try to sell me things I don’t need at the time of checkout), so when Google dropped its domain hosting I jumped ship fairly quickly.

Google Settings

1. Navigate to “My Domains” & Click Manage

Google Domains

2. Click DNS

Small Image Google Domains

3. Setup The A Records

DNS Settings


4. Setup the CNAME

Google CNAME Settings

Once you click add the data column will automatically swap to your base URL:

Google CNAME Settings

Github Settings

1. Custom Domain Settings


Navigate to the repository settings.


Check the “Enforce HTTPS” box and save your custom domain name. Github now automagically sets up HTTPS for you as well ( using letsencrypt behind the scenes).


2. Create the CNAME file

Update: The last time I setup a domain the CNAME file was automatically generated when I added the custom domain. Your mileage may vary.

Create CNAME File

The CNAME file just needs to contain your domain name:


You’re done! Congratulations

Github may display a yellow warning message, but please note all of these changes could take up to 48 hours to take place. If you still see a warning message in your github settings after 48 hours try removing the custom domain, saving, and then re-applying it.

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